6 Reasons to Upgrade Your Legacy Multimedia System

6 Reasons to Upgrade Your Legacy Multimedia System

1.Technology Changes

Technology from the early 2000’s is obsolete today. Since the early 00’s cell phones and tablets have become a preferred method of communication and a great way to view video on the go. Some video systems have not been updated to support the influx of smartphones and tablets.

2. No Exotic Network Dependencies

The DEVOS system is easily connected to the company network. Accessing DEVOS can be via the private network or Via the public internet. There is no need to switch what network you’re using to access the DEVOS server.

3. Easily transfer your content.

Discover Video makes it easy to transfer your existing media content over to your new DEVOS server. The DEVOS system also allows for VEMEO and YouTube Videos to be added to the network without the advertisements, this is great for when these video servers are blacklisted from you server, but you still need to access the video content.

4.Your Existing Maintenance costs may be more than a new system

Your Existing Maintenance fees may be more than the costs of a new DEVOS system. Why continue to pay to maintain something outdated. Upgrade to DEVOS for a fraction of the cost.

5.Use your existing system as credit towards a new system

Your existing system isn’t garbage. Discover Video will take your legacy technology off your hands and give you credit and discounts towards your new DEVOS System.

6.1-year free Maintenance with Discover Video

Trade in your old system and get up to 1-year free maintenance on your new DEVOS System.