360 Video with Discover Video

Discover Video offers a new 360 degree live and on-demand streaming solution for your organization.

360 Events

Enhance your graduation, sporting event, board meeting, lecture and more with 360 video. Discover Video’s built-in player technology displays your live or on-demand 360 video and the viewer can mouse move to any angle they wish to view. Gone are the days where the subject moves out of the camera’s range.

Enhanced Video

Discover Video has partnered with Insta360 to bring stunning 4k 360 video. The camera has six 8k resolution cameras that allow for seamless 4k video. Worried about the amount of bandwidth that it takes to stream a 4k video? Don’t be. Discover Video’s streaming technology allows you to deliver amazing 360 video to computers, mobile devices, and TVs.


Your 360 video can be part of the unique Discover Video multi-view player. The Multi-view player gives you an on-the-fly, user-adjustable layout of up to four synchronized videos. With 360, you can include a desktop (e.g. PowerPoint) to stream alongside your 360 camera stream, giving the most immersive, most informative, and most interesting experience possible.

Live or On-Demand

Viewing 360 video is the same as viewing regular video. Videos can be broadcast live or stored as an on-demand video for later viewing. The videos that were broadcast live are available on-demand without user prompting within minutes of the live event ending.  With Discover Video’s HTML5 player, 360 video can easily be viewed on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

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