Video Morning Announcement Service

The Discover Video Morning Announcement Service was designed to allow K-12 schools to deliver live video securely throughout the school to classrooms computers, hallway monitors and even personal devices.   The service includes a simple to use High Definition encoder for streaming and recording the event and Internet delivery service to computers, mobile devices, and smart TVs.   Each school can purchase an account in a district and conduct their own live video announcements.  These announcements can also be recorded for on-demand viewing.


The video morning announcement service is offered at $199 per month and includes the following functionality:

  • One admin account for creating and publishing the video morning announcement
  • Delivery of video over the Internet securely to classrooms and other locations
  • The use of one Mantis encoder for connection to cameras/mics*
  • Internet delivery cloud service to receive and distribute the live and on-demand video
  • One hour of online training
  • Technical support for one year
  • 1TB streaming bandwidth and 100GB for video on demand


Key reasons to purchase from Discover Video:

  • Ease of use – The Mantis video encoder automatically connects to the Arcus service and just requires one button push to stream or record.
  • Technical support – Discover Video trained staff is available to help answer questions or fix issues.
  • Security – Live streams and recorded morning announcements can be password protected and hidden from outside viewers.
  • High Quality – The Mantis encoder is a full HD encoder and can stream up to 1080p. The service supports HD video for viewing on large screens.
  • No ads or related content – The Arcus system is your private streaming network with no external advertising or distracting related content.