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PRESS RELEASE: Discover Video Introduces Live 360 Video Streaming System

May 29, 2018, Wallingford CT — Discover Video today announced its new live 360 video system for streaming and recording events, lectures and training sessions. The system allows any organization to deliver live 360 4K video to viewers on computers and mobile devices.   It includes a revolutionary new Insta360 camera and the award winning DEVOS enterprise video platform.


The Live 360 Video system is ideal for delivering dynamic live and on-demand video from educational institutions, businesses, healthcare organizations, government, and special events anywhere.   The new 360 camera includes six 8K cameras with automatic stitching to produce a full 4K 360 capture.   Each viewer can customize their view by using a mouse or just swiping on a smartphone or tablet.   With the DEVOS platform the live 360 video can be easily delivered securely within the organization or on the public Internet for public viewing.


“We are proud to be the first full system provider for 360 Video systems, and it opens up so many new applications for organizations” said Rich Mavrogeanes, Discover Video’s CEO.  “It is a much desired solution for focus groups, clinical skills assessment, lecture and classroom capture, and much more.”


360 Live Streaming Features:

  • Six 8K cameras in one mobile unit for recording or live streaming
  • Integrated with the DEVOS on-premises or cloud based video distribution system
  • Automatic publishing with secure, authenticated delivery
  • Remote control and scheduling of live or recorded streams
  • Full 360 HD video to computers and mobile devices
  • Customized viewer control


The new Insta360 camera is priced at $3499.00 and is available now.


About Discover Video, LLC


Discover Video is a leading software, hardware, and services provider that empowers customers with the ability to broadcast and deliver live and on-demand video, presentations, and digital signage to employees, students, or the general public.  We focus on the enterprise where network citizenship and security are crucial.  We support all five screens and we provide a complete ecosystem.  Our customers include educational institutions, schools, corporations, and local, state, and federal governments.


Infocomm 2018: Manufacturer’s Training

Discover VIdeo will be hosting a Manufacturer’s training session June 7th 1pm-2: 30 pm.  Register here for the training session.


CEO, Rich Mavrogeanes, will cover the latest streaming technology for commercial, government, and education markets. The focus will be on live HD, 4K, and 360 video for business communications, training, and digital signage. He will also provide best practices /recommendations for lecture capture, focus groups, clinical skills assessment, and similar live and on-demand applications.


Use our promo code for a free exhibit pass: DIS265

Contact to book a demo.


Infocomm 2018: 360 Video Camera

Discover Video will be at InfoComm 2018 at booth N1714. Our new 360 Camera will be showcased alongside our new Spider Quad Encoder.

Benefits of 360 Video:

  • Lecture Capture without an operator
  • Immersive experiences for viewers
  • Fully Automatic scheduling of streaming and recording
  • Automatic Publishing
  • Desktop and Mobile Viewing
  • Secure, authenticated delivery


Use our promo code for a free exhibit pass: DIS265

Contact to book a demo.


Partner’s Webinar

Discover Video has had quite a few updates this past month. Join Rich and Ciara as they talk about the DEVOS 4.6 Release and the new Partner’s Portal for resellers.


The DEVOS 4.6 update includes several new features like Learning Path, Scheduled Recordings, and Invitations.  These new features also include a low delay live HTML 5 video to replace the live flash video format. DEVOS also includes direct video uploading from Vimeo in a similar way to uploading Youtube videos.


In exciting news for Discover Video Partners and Sales Reps. The Partner’s Portal is now operational. The portal includes ways to access eBooks, White Papers, and Webinars. There is a way to register deals for a greater discount.  Contact the Discover Video Sales for information on how to register for the Partner’s Portal and get your access to the Discover Video sales Resources today.

The DEVOS 4.6 release has been updated to most of our current customers. If you have not received the 4.6 update please contact your sales representative about your maintenance package.


6 Reasons to Upgrade Your Legacy Multimedia System

1.Technology Changes

Technology from the early 2000’s is obsolete today. Since the early 00’s cell phones and tablets have become a preferred method of communication and a great way to view video on the go. Some video systems have not been updated to support the influx of smartphones and tablets.

2. No Exotic Network Dependencies

The DEVOS system is easily connected to the company network. Accessing DEVOS can be via the private network or Via the public internet. There is no need to switch what network you’re using to access the DEVOS server.

3. Easily transfer your content.

Discover Video makes it easy to transfer your existing media content over to your new DEVOS server. The DEVOS system also allows for VEMEO and YouTube Videos to be added to the network without the advertisements, this is great for when these video servers are blacklisted from you server, but you still need to access the video content.

4.Your Existing Maintenance costs may be more than a new system

Your Existing Maintenance fees may be more than the costs of a new DEVOS system. Why continue to pay to maintain something outdated. Upgrade to DEVOS for a fraction of the cost.

5.Use your existing system as credit towards a new system

Your existing system isn’t garbage. Discover Video will take your legacy technology off your hands and give you credit and discounts towards your new DEVOS System.

6.1-year free Maintenance with Discover Video

Trade in your old system and get up to 1-year free maintenance on your new DEVOS System.



Discover Video at KYSTE 2018

Discover Video will be at the KYSTE show March 7-9th at Louisville Galt House Hotel.  Join us for a demo of our DEVOS system and learn how Discover Video can bring affordable video solutions to your school district or schools.


Learn How Discover Video can benefit your school:

  • Video Morning Announcements
  • Digital Signage
  • On-Demand Video Library
  • Live Events Streaming


Find Discover Video at Booth #1202 or contact Mike O’Connor for a demo at the show at or 440-670-1391.


Learn How Alamo Heights ISD uses Discover Video for K12 Video Solutions

Discover Video will be presenting a seminar on Alamo Heights ISD at the TCEA show in Austin Texas on February 8, 2018, at 8 AM.

Alamo Heights ISD implemented a DEVOS Video Platform in 2017 across the entire district. This presentation will cover how video is used at Alamo Heights ISD to enhance teaching and deliver news to students, teachers, and visitors. The presentation will include key benefits to the schools as well as a demonstration of the award-winning DEVOS platform.

Register for the “Alamo Heights ISD: Using Discover Video For Blended Learning and More” Presentation.

Thursday, February 8, 2018, 8 am in room M1 at the TCEA Convention in Austin, Texas.

To Register for This Event Click Here


Discover Video at TCEA 2018

Discover Video will be at TCEA on February 5-9th, in Austin Texas at booth #2048.  Here Discover Video will be showcasing their video solutions for education.

The DEVOS system can be used for:

  • Blended learning – video lessons to students
  • Video Morning Announcements – live broadcasts to classrooms
  • Digital Signage – school messaging on all TV monitors
  • Priority Alerts to all computers
  • Classroom 360 video for absent students
  • Video on Demand – Education video library
  • Graduation Streaming- live broadcasts to the public internet

To Schedule a demo at the TCEA show, contact us at or find us at booth 2048, Feb. 5-9.